In Memory of
Jacqueline "Ann" Mary Indovina

passed away due to congestive heart failure
Sunday, 20 December 2015.

She was 80 years old.

Jacqueline A. Indovina
06 Nov 1935 ~ 20 December 2015
Rochester, NY USA

Jacqueline "Ann" Mary Indovina (Gessner)

On December 20, 2015 at age 80. Jacqueline is survived by her sons Joseph (Karen), Mark (Yvette), and Ronald; grandchildren Chantal (Joseph), Alex, and Jennifer (Carlos); several nieces and nephews and extended family and friends. She was predeceased by her loving husband of 54 years Louis; their infant son Louis; her father and mother, William and Elsie (Wilson); and her 5 sisters and 3 brothers. Jacqueline was a graduate of Sacred Heart Academy, and a retiree of Wegmans Food Markets.

Tuesday 29 December 2015

Remembrance for Jacqueline "Ann" Mary (Gessner) Indovina

St Ann's Chapel

Rochester, New York

Thank you all for attending this morning in this beautiful chapel. I am Chantal Indovina now Guest. I am the granddaughter of Jackie Indovina. With me is my Dad Joe 'Skip" Indovina.

Grandma could trace her roots to the cotton and tobacco fields of Algiers, Louisiana. Grandma, born November 6th, 1935, was the 9th and last child of Elsie Francis Wilson and William John Gessner. Elsie was a registered nurse from Tulane University. William was a merchant marine serving during World War 1. In the war William was injured and treated at Emory Hospital in New Orleans where he met Elsie. Eventually they moved to Rochester, New York. When Grandma was born, she was named Jaqueline Mary Gessner. Grandma grew up on Barberry Terrace in Rochester. As a teenager she met Louis "Gene" Indovina at Ontario Beach Park in Charlotte, New York. They later married and were inseparable for over 50 years of marriage. Our Grandma, who always hoped for a daughter, gave birth to 4 boys Joseph, Mark, Ronald and Louis. She and Grandpa had great love for their boys.

Grandma had an outgoing and some may call feisty personality. She enjoyed talking to anyone, even complete strangers. No matter the subject you always knew her version of the story; facts where not important. Grandma looked forward to her morning phone calls with her sisters, her Saturday evening dates with Grandpa, and her home on the 'highway'. Grandma had a passion for Native Americans, animals, and the southwestern United States. She visited Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon, and her Valley of Fire over 30 times. Grandma survived many tragedies: the loss of her youngest son Louis at 2 days of age, a serious car accident that left her hospitalized for over 14 weeks, three house fires, and the passing of her husband 5 years and 11 months ago. Grandma survived each with strong will and determination.

Her favorite saying was "I am a Gessner girl".

In November Grandma suffered a heart attack. On Friday December 11th, the medical staff told Grandma and my Uncle Ron that her heart was not recovering and was actually weakening. Grandma's options were high risk surgery along with dialysis or a ventricular assist device. Grandma, as she had with her other serious life events, faced this decision with dignity and grace. She declined both options. On Sunday morning December 20th, Grandma passed away peacefully with her family by her side.

I will always remember this Christmas because of the special gift Grandma gave to us all. Grandma loved Christmas. She loved the whole Christmas season: the decorating, the shopping, having her family together sharing a big dinner. She enjoyed going to mass with Grandpa to celebrate with their favorite priest Father Mike Meyers. One may say it is poignant she passed during her favorite time of the year. Yet this year the true meaning for Christmas came through. Christmas is about love. Christmas is about strength and caring for others.

We as a family will never forget that feeling the evening before she moved to hospice. Grandma had wished for her favorite meal from her favorite restaurant. Whilst it was clear she could not go, Yvette and Jen brought the restaurant to her. She was thrilled. Grandma told each medical person who visited her that day her family was giving her a party. That night we gathered together, Grandma looked strong. She talked with everyone. We shared the meal with her. We surrounded her bed, held hands and sang Christmas carols. Our family never sounded better. Uncle Mark even sang on key.

Grandma beamed as her family was with her. At one point she wished out loud that no one would ever leave. The true meaning of Christmas was clearly in each person: strength, caring, and love. Presents did not matter. The true gift of Christmas from Grandma was sharing love and strength with each family member.

In hospice the next day, while weakened by her condition, Grandma gave each of us a strong hug. She was in her way saying do not be afraid. It's going to be all right.

Merry Christmas Grandma. Merry Christmas to all of you.

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