Extracurricular "activities" at Bishop Kearney High School

Extracurricular "activities" at Bishop Kearney High School ...

While attending Bishop Kearney High School I joined the stage crew to be involved in the lighting and sound aspects of school functions. My sophomore year I was appointed manager of the lighting and sound crew. Although we needed a new lighting control room in a bad way, my first year as manager was spent on equipment upgrades in preparation of our spring musical Camelot. The following year we would upgrade the lighting control room, aka the "office".

We started the work in earnest as school got back into session in September 1975. We tore down the old structure and constructed a new office that was solid, reasonably sound proof, had better ventilation, and was lockable. Building the new "office" was a galvanizing moment for the crews (lighting, sound, stage) as we prepared for what was to be the schools biggest spring musical event to date: Jesus Christ Superstar. In the spirit of the moment some of us chose to "sign" our work.

Computerized lighting controls allows for program control in the house. Alas the "office" was torn down to make additional storage space.